Leonard Bassed is an actor, author, as well as a singer/songwriter. This rising star can be seen in productions such as  “Oakwood’s got Talent”, performing alongside the likes of Mark Steller. Leonard Bassed shared a stage with YouTube sensation and recording artist Mackenzie Sol, alongside many other acts. In the local arena Leonard Bassed sang to a crowd of over 2000 people, accompanied by none other than Mo-T, a member of the famous South African trio, MICASA.
Leonard Bassed has just released his hot new single titled “Baby Oh Na Nah,” which is currently enjoying airplay on South African radio stations. He has also authored and published his debut novel titled “The Witch Port Video Game” the first installment in a series of novels, available for purchase here on his website.

Leonard Bassed has been trained vocally since the tender age of 6 and has been in the studio booth since the age of 15. He was taught by Alan Hayward from the SAMA (South African Music Awards) nominated band “Voodoo Child” how to write and construct songs, as well as by chart-topper Christian Heath, the former lead-vocalist of the band “Nova Rise”. Leonard Bassed has come a long way from his days making beats on Garage Band having recently undergone an apprenticeship by one of South Africa’s finest producers. An experience he cites as having richly enhanced his own artistic process




Leonard Bassed has completed multiple acting courses both locally and internationally. The most recent of which was in Los Angeles, California, USA, where he was taught by Hollywood heavy weights like Sydney Walsh, Jennifer MacPherson, Rod Machalan, Bethany Therese and Cory Sorenson, to name but a few.



Leonard Bassed is a passionate student and patriot of the Arts, and credits it with instilling in him the discipline and desire to go after what he wants. Leonard Bassed is a free spirit, a “live and let live” kind of guy. This could be as a result of his extensive travels, as he took part in a study tour to the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the USA.


Leonard Bassed is currently looking forward to working in the next Emmy award wining USA series, or in any feature opposite Will Smith and Meryl Streep. Watch this space.